General InformationEdit

Age: 13

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Height: 5'3

Weight: 98 lbs

Blood type: AB+

Likes: Relaxing with friends

Hates: Being useless

Hobbies: Reading history books

Skills and JutsuEdit


Kenra is one of the main characters of the story who is a refugee looking to have a place for him and his brother to stay. Never knowing where he originally came from, he and Akira set their sights on the Hidden Leaf village to live there only to find it in the midst of turmoil. During a festival, rebels attack the Hidden Leaf village and are targeting a shinobi Kyouya Hatake. Kenra rushes to even the overwhelming odds against Kyouya and the rebels retreat from the duo's amazing abilities. But after gaining the trust of Kyouya, Kenra is questioned on his intentions for being in the Leaf village.